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How to Spring Clean Your Office & Home

Posted on 28 February 2022 by AF Web
Category: Fun, How-to, Office-work, Education

Are you looking forward to springtime? You know, those longer days, brighter nights, and of course spring-cleaning season! There is nothing quite like the buzz of a cleaning declutter, all with the bonus of a home time commute in the daylight hours. What’s not to love?

For this month’s blog we will be sharing our 10 favourite office spring-cleaning tips, collated from over the years and we explain how you can use these in-home too.

Here we go…

1. Your desktop

If you are guilty of dump and save, then this is for you. Beware this habit as before you know it, you could have 200 separate documents on your desktop to tidy up. AF Tip – Save in folders as you go, thank us later…..  

2. Keyboard

An area that often gets forgotten. Dust, food, and eyelashes are just some of the grime that you can find hidden between the keys. Yuck! We recommend using a sprayduster to blast that grime and dust away, but always make sure the equipment is powered down first.

3. Your Screen

You have probably noticed the sun on your monitor screen in the afternoon by now. Well, have you also noticed the dust layer? It’s ok, we have too. A simple screen cleaning regime will banish this, and also help to prevent eye strain.

4. The desk drawers

We have all heard of tidy desk, tidy mind, but are you simply hiding all your clutter in your desk drawer? For a refresh, we recommend completely emptying the drawers and use a vacuum cleaner to capture excess dirt from the corners and then make a plan to get organised. Throw away into the recycling bin those post-it scribbles that you don’t really need, and invest in some drawer tidy trays. This will change your life! 

5. Your inbox

There is nothing worse than having to hunt through your mountain of emails for something important. File and save as you go is definitely the way forwards. Create separate folders for people or topics and this will help to keep you organised and may also help you to stay motivated. Try it for yourself. You won’t regret it.

6. Your phone

Your phone screen is one serious bacteria zone. Brace yourself as this is super scary. Your phone screen alone can harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat! Relax and put your mind at ease by using an antibacterial wipe to stay sanitised and clean.

7. Furnishings

Remember that stain on the carpet that you didn’t remember to clean? We have all been there; a spillage of coffee can disperse into the strangest of places and suddenly you have dot-to-dot of coffee stains to contend with. Use a foam cleaner to give a deep clean after your usual vacuum and you will certainly notice the difference.

 8. The PC fans

Computer hardware requires regular maintenance. For example, as your PC generates heat, dust can get trapped and ultimately reduce the lifespan of your tech equipment. Carefully cleaning with your PC with a sprayduster, once powered down, can help to combat dust problems.

9.  Your Printer

Have you ever wondered why you appear to get paper jams out of absolutely nowhere? This could be as a result of the rubber rollers being damaged. Use a Platenclene rubber roller restorer to prevent paper jams and ink stains. 

10. Piles of paper

First things first. Recycle the paper documents that you no longer need. Secondly, invest in a filing system to keep your remaining documents in order. Alternatively go completely paperless, save everything to the cloud and back up.

 There you have it. Our top 10 tips for spring-cleaning. Which will you be using in your home in addition to the office? Get in touch via our social media channels for a chance to win a spring-cleaning gift.