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6 Office Rules for Happiness This Summer

Posted on 06 June 2022 by AF Web
Category: Office-work, Work-life-balance

Who doesn’t feel that happiness improves work performance?

As the work world is changing and after two years of uncertainty, I finally feel we are allowed to get back to our lives.

In the last 10 years, companies’ cultures have been in transformation and Covid-19 accelerated the pace. Business industries are more conscious about work-life balance and new workplace cultures have emerged: remote, flexible, and company culture-oriented. A new generation of employees is taking place too: people who are not competing but creating together focused on a bigger purpose beyond money and other financial benefits. 

As an employee, personally I like having a nice workspace, a good work atmosphere, constantly feeling I am improving my skills and belonging to something meaningful but there is something about summertime that adds an extra spring in my step. It must be the Vitamin D but my mood and happiness thrive best in Summer.

This month, inspired by all the joy invading me, I want to share 6 rules to live your best office life during this marvellous season and be a better professional. Who knows, you might take these tips into Autumn too? Let’s go!

1 - Keep Healthy – Remember to drink water, eat your fruits and vegetables, have a walk, and stretch. Your body is your home, and your brain deserves all the best as it doesn’t stop! Care about yourself and any work challenge will be achieved with joy, energy and success.

2 -Take care of your workspace. Life is better when we see the beauty around us, right? Our sense of comfort indoors has awoken and whether at home or the physical office we want to feel comfortable! Take to work some object that gives you instant happiness – Every new year I put the best photo of my last holiday in a frame on my desk. Always ensure that you keep it clean and organised with a little help from AF screen and surface cleaners.  

3 - Have a break – Sometimes we are so focused on a task that the time flies and four hours have passed since we have sat down. Breaks are fundamental to having that task done, so remember to have one. Why not pamper yourself with your favourite tea, what about an iced tea for refreshing the ideas on hot days?

4 - Enjoy the daylight – Yay! Longer days are here. Make the most of it with fun outdoor activities. When finishing work, instead of going directly to the sofa, take the Yoga mat to your garden or the park. If you are not a sports person at all, sitting on a bench outside is a wonderful choice. And you don’t need to be lonely, invite a friend or your nice neighbour to join you.

5 - Keep learning – The online world opened a door to access to more diverse knowledge, which is amazing to sharpen skills.  Keeping updated on subjects will make you feel confident about your decisions. List your interests and listen to podcasts, attend webinars, or read an article. Remember how many surfaces you touch during the day, so when using tech devices for e-learning, don’t forget to sanitise them with your Anti-bac+ multipurpose surface wipes.

6 - Find new challenges in your role. Be ambitious, go the extra mile, feel challenged. That’s what keeps you moving, isn’t it? Even if your position doesn’t allow bold moves, you can organize fundraising for a charity for example. Something that makes you jump out of your comfort zone and make you feel better.

These are my rules and also my goals for the summer. I believe we can always search for the best performance, best results, and better days. Happiness is the fuel to be the best of ourselves and have the perfect work-life balance!