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AF Reinforce the need for cleaning

Posted on 22 May 2012 by the AF Team
Category: Education, FunTags: Workplace

As you know from our other blog posts, we’ve recently surveyed 1000 business people who regularly use IT equipment to find out who cleans regularly, who eats at their desk as well as what equipment is used in the home environment.

With only 45.8% of people surveyed having their workplace cleaned on a daily basis, and an astounding 15% not knowing if their office was cleaned or had ever been cleaned, the results show some interesting facts about cleanliness within the office. And when you think that 47% admitted to eating at their desk every day, hygiene should be something high on the agenda.

Gadget Show Live 2012

Posted on 15 May 2012 by the AF Team
Category: Fun, EventsTags: Gadget Show

We had a great position at this year’s Gadget Show Live at the Birmingham NEC. We were right next to the main walk way through to the Live Arena, meaning we had the chance to speak to a lot of people whilst we cleaned their gadgets and educated them as to the benefits of keeping their gadgets clean!

Infestation in your office!

Posted on 11 May 2012 by the AF Team
Category: Education, FunTags: Workplace, TV

Did any of you watch the Food Inspectors series on the BBC recently? One of the episodes; Infestation, looked specifically about workplace hygiene.

People were so grossed out by what they saw; more than 200 of us felt the need to share something about it via Twitter.

Increased work pressures fuel germ-infested office equipment

Posted on 03 April 2012 by the AF Team
Category: EducationTags: Workplace

We’ve recently polled 1000 UK office workers who regularly use technology such as PCs, laptops, web-books, tablets and smartphones for business, and the survey has produced some stomach-churning results…

Ordinarily, if we turn our keyboards upside down and give them a shake, the particles that fall out will include food debris, hair, eyelashes, fingernails and potentially even mice droppings. More worryingly, is the dirt that we can’t see, such as dead skin cells, saliva and body fat that are deposited just by touching the keyboard.

AF International Survey Reveals 67.6% of Office Workers Accept Catching Bugs From Co-Workers

Posted on 27 March 2012 by the AF Team
Category: Education, AnnouncementsTags: Workplace

We've recently polled 1000 office workers. This has revealed that a massive 67.6% of employees accept that they are likely to catch the germs and viruses that are being spread around the office. The large percentage came as a surprise to us cleaning specialists. We develop preventative cleaning measures for people who work with business technologies such as laptops, web-books, headsets, PCs and smartphones.