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How green is your air duster [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on 13 September 2012 by the AF Team
Category: Announcements, EducationTags: Infographic, Sprayduster

When it comes to cleaning those hard to reach areas of technology items, nothing works better than an air duster. However, due to the nature of technology items many of them need to be cleaned while still switched on and live.

If you’re cleaning technology items using an air duster make sure the product you’re using is non-flammable. Every AF Sprayduster is non-flammable and safe to use on live equipment. Make sure you only use short sharp burst of the spray in order to stop the can from freezing up and unless it says ‘invertible’ on the can – don’t use it upside down or the can will freeze.

Are you a mobile worker?

Posted on 20 August 2012 by the AF Team
Category: Announcements, FunTags: Competition, Giveaway, Laptop

A lot more of us are now falling in to the ‘mobile working’ category seeing that the equipment we now carry around with us such as smartphones, tablets and laptops connect our working lives with our social lives.

Apparently 52% of the UK population now own a smartphone*. We want to know whether this makes it more difficult for you to switch off from work whilst at home, on your commute to work or when you’re off on holiday?!

AF Reinforce the need for cleaning

Posted on 22 May 2012 by the AF Team
Category: Education, FunTags: Workplace

As you know from our other blog posts, we’ve recently surveyed 1000 business people who regularly use IT equipment to find out who cleans regularly, who eats at their desk as well as what equipment is used in the home environment.

With only 45.8% of people surveyed having their workplace cleaned on a daily basis, and an astounding 15% not knowing if their office was cleaned or had ever been cleaned, the results show some interesting facts about cleanliness within the office. And when you think that 47% admitted to eating at their desk every day, hygiene should be something high on the agenda.