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AF International and the Climate of Change

Posted on 02 January 2020 by AF Web

So it’s January. A brand new month and a brand new year; the first chapter of 12 and yes, unfortunately I am going to bore you with the whole ‘new year, new me’ conversation. 2020 heralds some big changes for me and unless my latest exercise regime, I intend to make this a long term change.

Initially it is important for me to provide you with a little background information and describe…

Why You Need An End Of Year Clean Up - In The Office And Beyond

Posted on 02 December 2019 by AF Web

Look around, is your desk space really that clean? You may think so, but look again. Remember that sticky label from a charity day in the spring that you haven’t quite managed to peel off your desk, or that permanent ink you accidently used on the whiteboard?  Now that I have jogged your memory I’m guessing that they will begin to annoy you. In this, my latest blog I will be running through 5 different…

The Anti-bac+ Army Wages War on ‘Flu Season

Posted on 23 October 2019 by AF Web Tags: screen cleaning, Anti-bac+, Flu Season, How to, Infographic

It starts with a sniffle and an annoying tickly cough and before you know it, the aches, pains, headache and fever arrive too. We think you will agree that no one chooses to catch the ‘flu and this months’ blog from AF is dedicated to preventing the spread of this winter nasty throughout your home and office. 

The annual ‘flu season is all too familiar in many work environments and prevention…

A Day In The Life Of………. A Screen Cleaning Addict

Posted on 30 September 2019 by AF Web Tags: fun, screen cleaning, smartphone, iphone, tech, tech wipes, how-to

Let’s be honest; most of us are culprits of screen addiction to some extent and even if you prefer not to admit it, there is no escape from ‘screen life’. Research has shown that we are spending more and more time looking at screens; I’m not just referring to smartphone swiping, gaming and video calling,  but also office working, self-service checkouts and TV time at the end of the day.  


How To Beat The Monday Blues Following A Holiday

Posted on 30 August 2019 by AF Web
Category: FunTags: Fun

I’m sure we can identify with that “Sunday night feeling”; you know, the sinking feeling that signals the end of the weekend and the start of a new working week. This is so much worse following a lovely two-week holiday in sunny climes and the Monday blues can be hard to beat.  

To make this transition a little less daunting we have crafted some simple tips to follow to get you back into…