Blog Posts Tagged: Gamers

Blog Posts Tagged: Gamers

Just When You Thought VR Was Just About Gaming…..

Posted on 14 December 2017 by the AF Team
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Following the successful launch of commercially available VR equipment, 2017 has seen further development in the world of virtual reality. Just when we thought it was ‘all about gaming’, many more industries have piggy-backed the trend and are fully embracing virtual reality as a means of training, sales, education and more. It may surprise you to know that the first generation of VR technology…

How to Keep Healthy During the Premier League (Part 1) - At Home

Posted on 20 July 2015 by the AF Team
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It's finally football season! Don't let the title put you off – we're not suggesting you start doing crunches during half time and swapping your pint of beer for a 'superfood' smoothie using ingredients you can't pronounce. That's just silly, unless you're the footballer getting paid to do it - or if you genuinely like the taste of pond water.

Our approach to healthcare at AF is a little different – we're fighting against colds, flus, and food poisoning; the really common stuff spread by germs that you can easily prevent. Nowadays, this is more important than ever; germs and dust are attracted to heat and electricity, and so the rise of technology means that there are more germ breeding grounds than ever. Think about it – we're carrying these germs around with us, too; we dig in and out of our pockets to check our phones after touching all sorts of questionable areas – and we don't even realise we're doing it.

Gamers’ health and hygiene [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on 06 September 2012 by the AF Team
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We’ve recently polled 1000 gamers. This has revealed that 67.1% of console users only clean their technology items when they see dirt, dust and grease on them, even though 45.6% of them share their console controllers (and germs) with up to 5 people!

Check out our infographic below for more interesting and digestable facts about gamers’ hygiene.

Poll reveals the cleaning habits of 1000 home technology users

Posted on 01 September 2012 by the AF Team
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We’ve recently polled 1000 UK adults who regularly use game consoles and TVs to find out more about people’s home technology cleaning habits across the UK.The survey looked into the demographics of users and the environments home technologies were subjected to such as multiple users and eating whilst using equipment. Does the British public make the same effort to keep these particular home tech items clean and hygienic as we would with other household items handled in a similar way? The survey revealed some fascinating results of people’s home tech cleaning habits.