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Company News

The phoneless panic, what would you miss the most?

Posted on 13 January 2015 by the AF Team

The days when mobiles were used just make phone calls are long gone and with advances in mobile technology, the mobile phone has enabled us to have the world at our fingertips with all our contacts, emails and photos stored in the device, the internet on the move, the handy torch, map and alarm clock features and all those useful apps that play a part in our day to day life. So what happens when you lose or damage your phone? AF International, manufacturers of specialist IT, computer, tablet, smartphone and general office cleaning products, surveyed 1000 employed adults in the UK, to find out what they would miss the most if they were to lose or damage their mobile phone with intriguing results.

Of the people surveyed, 83% had a smartphone and 14% had a normal phone. Respondents were asked to rank the most vital functions on their smartphone with 1 meaning ‘not that important’ and 10 meaning ‘couldn’t live without’. Making calls and sending texts averaged 7, whereas the survey gave a 6 for taking photos, video, checking the time, using the alarm clock and using the map for directions. Surprisingly, the survey only gave 5 for the importance of the calendar, diary, social media and news updates. Facebook proved to be the most popular app, which had been downloaded by 68% of the survey. Other popular apps included 46% YouTube, 41% Twitter, 40% Whatsapp, 29% Facebook Messenger and 24% Instagram.

AF International win Supplier of the Year

The mobile phone is a very important piece of personal technology for the vast majority of the population’s lives. The loss or damage to a person’s phone is upsetting, even to the point of being distressing, and can send people into a panic. Our mobile phones hold personal, valuable information, combining a phone, Filofax, camera, video and computer; they are now considered a lifeline. With this in mind, are people actually taking good care of their phones? Two thirds, 64%, of those surveyed said that dirt and greasy finger marks visible on their screen prompted them to clean their phone, with microfiber cloths (48%) proving to be the most popular method of cleaning, followed by a multi-purpose anti-bacterial wipe (29%).

AF International provides a full range of phone and screen cleaning products to help keep devices fresh and clean. The Multi-Screen Clene travel kit (XMCA25MF) provides an excellent solution and soft microfiber cloth, both in a handy size making them easily transportable. Many impregnated Screen-Clene wipes in a tub or individual sachets are also available (SCR100T / SCR020).

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