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AF International's – Using Cardclene can stop customer frustration

Posted on 07 May 2015 by AF Web

Computer and office equipment cleaning product specialist, AF International have been manufacturing cleaning cards for many years, selling millions into numerous markets. Sold for cleaning chip and pin devices, ATM machines, car park meters, car park ticket barrier systems, self-check out machines at supermarkets, door locks that use a card mechanism, basically anywhere cash or cards are used alongside some sort of electronic reader. They can even be used in with thermal printers found at checkouts to print your receipt, making the clarity of the print clearer to read.

Paul Hardy, European Brand Director “Have you ever placed your cash or credit card into a chip and pin machine at a check out to find that it’s not working. The cashier asks you to remove your card and give the chip a rub and place it back into the machine. Well, more often than not this is due to the reader in the machine not being clean. It’s frustrating for the card holder, the cashier and the people in the queue, but can be stopped very easily.”

AF International win Supplier of the Year

Hardy continues “At AF we have a full range of cleaning cards for card machines and money machines. Plain and encoded cards impregnated with IPA, which are quick and easy to use. They are available in a variety of sizes, credit and debit card or to the size of the monitory note or receipt printing area that requires cleaning. If you have accounts with retailers, banks, meter maintenance companies, petrol stations, hotels, the list is endless, the AF cleaning card range will stop any inconvenience and help traffic flow at payment points and maintain high levels of print on receipts. A great add-on to any sale.”

Cardclene Plain (CCP020) with IPA is used on electronic point of sale like chip and pin readers to quickly clean inside the machine where the card is placed. They are also suitable for parking meters, door mechanisms and petrol pump payment machines.

Cardclene Encoded (CCE020) with IPA are perfect for ATM machine cleaning, the machine draws in the card which then cleans the mechanism and reader before spitting it out.

Cash Cardclene (CCC020) is available at the size of a bank note, ideal for supermarket self-check out areas and payment machines. They are also used on slot machines.

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